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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Liyana Fizi

Liyana Fizi // Projek Pop Showcase // Laundry
Picture credit to eman. :) Shared it from flickr. Great picture mate!

Official Website:
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Follow her on twitter: @liyanafizi

Hello guys, today I wanted to future a local artist that I think everyone already knew. For those who doesn't know her yet, she is none other than Liyana Fizi. :). She is known before when she was still in a band called Estrella, which consists of Liyana Fizi, Yop and Asyraf. They were later spotted by a local recording label under Laguna Records and now they aLready have their on recorder album back in 2007. Later, Asyraf had to leave as he already had one band that he wanted to concentrate more. So the only one left was Liyana Fizi and Yop who was still running gigs on their own. They were also featured in the Mercedez Benz Online Magazine were one of their song, Ternyata was featured. That's is one heck of an achievement. In an interview by Astro Awani Pagi. Awani Pagi is a morning show by Astro. Liyana shared the story of hpw Mercedez Benz  contacted them through their My Space saying that they are interested with the songs and wanted to feature them in their magazine. Now, Liyana have chosen on under her own name as a solo artist but still playing gigs around Malaysia with her friend Yop, the lead guitarist.  One of the reason I wanted to feature her is because I really love her songs. Seldom do we find a girl that is lovely, educated, knows how to play guitar, can sing a son, and cute too! :P

she was featured on theJUICEmy youtube channel.

Enjoy the songs. Share or post it and show the love for Liyana Fizi! :P
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