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Sunday, December 8, 2013

How GoPro Become A Billion Dollar Idea

Do you ever had a dream of becoming a billionaire? Well I do, but the problem is I'm not even a millionaire yet. hahah. Well, this is not the case for Nicholas Woodman, GoPro Founder and CEO, where he had an idea of having a portable HD Video Recorder for people to share their moments or relive their moments with friends and family, which made him one of Forbes Billionaire lists.

The idea started back in 2002, when he managed to get a funding for a project and he went for a vacation at one of his favourite spot for surfing. His very first idea was to have a gadget that can capture and document his activities while he's on a vacation. He wanted a gadget that can capture the moment when he was surfing, so he invented a prototype of his own using a normal point and shoot camera, put a strap on it so he can place it on his hands and record the video while he's surfing.

He first didn't realize that it can be a great billion dollar idea, not until on one day when the thought that other surfers might also one a gadget like that to capture their own moment. That is the starting point for GoPro legacy.

Do you have your own billion dollar idea? Share with us.
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